The Bangor Band

Join us for a

Summer Concert

Tuesday, August 4, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. at Bangor Waterfront

Sponsored by: Groth & Associates

Welcome to the Bangor Band

Welcome to the online home of the Bangor Band. The Bangor Band is one of the oldest, continuous community bands in the United States. We’veĀ  been performing concerts at various venues throughout the greater Bangor area every summer for three centuries, ever since our first season in 1859!


! Black flies swarming cheerfully around your head? Mosquitoes regulating your blood flow? Still watching for overnight frost warnings? Well that can ONLY Mean one thing: It’s time for the SUMMER BANGOR BAND CONCERT SEASON!!!!

We will be continuing our Summer Concert Season at the Waterfront this Tuesday evening (August 4th) at 7:00. Come on down to the water’s edge and enjoy an evening of live music from YOUR Bangor Band!

Check out our concert schedule to see where and when the Bangor Band will be performing for the rest of the summer of 2015.